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Video poker is a fun game to play on it's own but when you mix the game in a tournament then you have added another dynamic to an interesting game. Video poker is a game that is played against the house and against a computer so you have less interaction and the competition is more about getting a royal flush. With video poker tournaments, you get to play against other players and you are all competing for the prize pool. If you hit a royal flush while playing then you have just amplified your win. 

Overall not many casinos offer video poker tournaments so if you are a video poker lover then you might want to also consider finding casinos with our video poker bonuses listings

In order to play poker, you first have to know the name of the hands that may appear during the gameplay. There are several hands that can possible in poker. The highest hand in poker is the Straight Flush, which consists of 5 cards of the suit that are in sequence, like 4, 5, 6 , 7 and 8 of hearts. Then there is the highest straight flush, which is a A, K, Q, J and a 10 of one suit. This hand is usually called a royal flush.

Poker can be played in three ways: With fixed Limit, Pot Limit or table stakes. In the first way, players can’t bet or even raise their bets over the stipulated number of chips (such as 2, 5 or even 10). In the second one bets and raised are limited to the quantity of chips that are in the pot. Lastly, in the table stakes, the limit for the players depends on the quantity of chips that they have in front of them. If a player has only 10 chips, he can’t bet more than that. 

Using a normal deck with 52 cards this game can be played with our even without the joker. There’s an initial bet, and from there you can folder or keep playing, depending on your hand. This is a very simple game to play, online or offline. Poker Tournaments are an amazing way to interact with other players and also to win some really nice crazy time live. 

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