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Many players like looking for a collection of slot crazy time live which is why this page is a popular one. Our most popular slots themes are as follows:

  • Christmas slots
  • St. Patrick's Day slots
  • Halloween slots
  • Movie slots
  • Sci-fi slots

There are many more categories and we are always adding more to the list. These slot themes are fairly seasonal and we created these pages to try to help players find the collection of crazy time live they like the most, or rather finding ones suitable for that time of the year. 

Halloween Slots

Even though Halloween happens every October 31st, this theme is possibly the most popular theme all year round. Many players feel drawn to the scary themes associated with Halloween. Whether the topics have anything to do with pumpkins, ghosts or vampires, these crazy time live are played by players all year round. 

Christmas Slots

There is an unusual group of people out there that like Christmas themed slots every day of the year! Most normal people however tend to get tired of Christmas once it is over and don't want to hear about it for another 11 months. 

Movie Themed Slots

Movie slots are very popular but a word of warning to the frugal gamblers out there. Movie slots tend to have high house edges or lower RTP values. RTP of course meaning Return To Player. Many movie slots tend to have a house edge of around 5% plus or minus a few percentage points. The reason for this is the slots software company has to pay royalties to the media companies that own or control the licensing agreements of those movies. So players are always drawn to popular movie slots but keep in mind that to enjoy these slots, they come at a price. 

St. Patrick's Day Slots

Similar to Halloween, these slots are loved by players all year round and not just by the Irish either. Some of the sub themes within St. Patrick's Day are leprecauns, four leaf clovers, anything green, shamrocks, rainbows and did we say more green? There are at least 20 if not more of these St. Paddy's day themed slot crazy time live that you can play at any given moment.

Sci-Fi Slots

Sci-fi slots don't really have an expiry date. They are popular all year round with a small exception for Christmas where players take a break and play mostly Christmas slots. There are an unsual collection of sci-fi themed slots so just check out the page to see what exists. 

Easter Slots

Easter slots are always popular around Easter. Some of the symbols associated with this theme are chocolate eggs and bunnies. 

Scary Slots

There are loads of scary slots that could easily fit into the group of slots associated with Halloween. 

Type of Slots

Regardless of the slots theme, you can expect to find all sorts of slots that range from progressive jackpot slots, classic slots with 3 reels, video slots with 5 reels and a few other very obscure variations. Just click on the theme that interests you the most and pick a slot that tickles your fancy. 

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