Responsible Gambling

Welcome to the Responsible Gambling page. This page lists all our resources to help players gamble responsibly and in particular, give information to seek up for gambling addiction and problem gambling. On this page you'll find the following information

  1. Tools to help quit gambling
  2. Websites and communities for problem gambling
  3. Books on problem gambling

Tools to help quit gambling

We list this section first because we want players to be aware of some tools that can help you quit gambling online at least. These tools on their own are only as effective as how the user (you) uses them. We recommend that users that use these tools to also seek help from some assocations that help for problem gambling. Just understand that we list some organizations that are based in the United Kingdom or United States. Almost every country has their own resource when it comes to problem gambling so we will do our best to provide this information. 

Tools for blocking online gambling sites

The following are a set of tools that are known to help for blocking online gambling sites and we list a comparison table to help users decide which ones are best for them.

Tool Cost Requires user registration
BetBlocker FREE No signup required, no data collected
Betfilter $5.83 per month Collects Name, Email, Country, Town
Net Nanny $39.99 per device per year Collects Name, Email, Phone, Country, Postal Code
Gamban $13.99 per device Collects email
Betquit $5 to $8.99 per month Collects Name & Email

From the chart above, what is clear is that BetBlocker is the only tool that is both free for users AND does not collect user data. What makes this app stand out from the rest is that since it is free, users don't have any objections of trying it. That is if a player has a gambling problem and is already in debt, they might not want to pay for an app to block when they might not have as much expendable money to buy a license. It could also prevent users from signing up and paying since they might need to buy multiple licenses to cover all the devices they access. Some users will have a mobile phone, a tablet and a laptop to access so this represents 3 devices already. With a tool like Gamban, this could cost over $50. 

Problem gambling tools that collect user data

There is a big issue when it comes to both security and ethics in collecting any type of data for users that use these tools. If any database is compromised, this could be used by people to promote online gambling to these vulnerable users. Almost all of them except BetBlocker collect an email so this information is highly sensitive and needs to be protected. The other thing to consider is that some users are embarrased to admit they have a gambling problem so they don't want to see emails, phone calls, texts or any materials send in the mail that could be found out by others. The same applies for billing where this could show up on a billing profile that could also expose them that they have a gambling problem especially if they are trying to hide that fact. 


betblocker website is a tool that was developed by and the reason they decided to make such a tool was through their experience in dealing directly with problem gamblers. BetBlocker has 2 main features for self-exclusion and parental control. Self-exclusion is where a player wants to be excluded from online gambling and once this setting is configured, it can't be undone. 2

Self Exclusion

As a player, you have the right to request self exclusion from casinos where you can block them from accepting further wagers from you. Most online casinos have some type of self exclusion and responsible gambling policies so if you think you have a gambling problem or want to be blocked from gambling further, you can email your casino or contact live chat to ask to be blocked and to stop receiving promotion emails, telephone calls or any registered mail. 

Websites and communities for problem gambling

List of websites to help with problem gambling and addiction

Books on problem gambling

Reading books on gambling addiction might not help you quit gambling just yet but it helps to understand addiction itself and many of these books have tips on how to quit online gambling. Knowledge is power and it helps to understand why people do the things we do. 

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