No Deposit Blackjack Bonuses 2022

Looking for no deposit blackjack bonuses? If you see any bonuses below we have them but if not best is to check our blackjack bonuses page. Otherwise check our no deposit bonuses page to get bonuses for so you can play for real money on slots.  Sometimes you can find the occasional blackjack tournament freeroll on our tournaments page. 

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    Many casinos either exclude wagering on blackjack from their signup bonuses or they make the wagering requirements very large. For the number of no deposit bonuses that exist, almost all of them are for online slots and some of them will include keno and scratch cards. Otherwise unless the casino explicitly states, the bonus is for slots only and that doesn't include progressive slots or jackpot slots that feature a progressive jackpot. 

    Why don't casinos offer no deposit bonuses on blackjack?

    The real reason has to do with bonus hunting and bonus abuse. Simply put, there are advantage players that will take advantage of any blackjack bonus and most casinos say this is against the spirit of the bonus. This is why some casinos have banned players in specific countries from claiming their bonuses. In other cases blackjack can either be fully excluded from a casino bonus or it can represent a small contribution to the total wagering requirements. So for example a casino might say your 100% signup bonus up to $500 must be wagered 30 times the deposit and 30 times the bonus. So in this example the wagering would be $30,000 on a $500 bonus but many casinos will state that blackjack counts for 10% of the wagering requirements and in other cases it can be as low as 2%. At 10% this means you would have to wager $300,000 in order to be able to cashout. That is basically 30 hands at $1000 wagering per hands. 

    Excluded wagering on blackjack variations

    Unfortunately players really have to read the fine print before playing any bonus and we try to include this fine print in our terms and conditions. Some casinos have many variations of blackjack like single deck blackjack, multiple deck blackjack, blackjack crazy time live with various names and of course ones by different software providers like NetEnt blackjack or Microgaming blackjack. Sometimes the casino will put one of these blackjack crazy time live in as either one game you can play where the rest will automatically cause you to violate the terms and conditions. The major problem with a terms violation is when you lose, the casino keeps your deposit but when you win, they void your winnings and just return your deposit to you. It isn't difficult to see that this deal is a really bad one for the players. As a player, you have to keep an eye out for shady terms and conditions that a casino might throw your way.

    Overall if you stick to bonuses listed from our blackjack page, many have decent wagering terms but you still should be mindful of what the terms are. The last thing you want to do is make a deposit, get a blackjack bonus, start wagering, win a lot and then cashout only to be emailed that your withdrawal and winnings are going to be made void. 

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