Online Casino Complaints & Player Disputes

If you are a casino player that needs help with an issue for any online casino then you have come to the right place. At we don't offer a complaints service but there are only a few websites that do this which are, and We highly recommend casino complaints service because they spend the most amount of time on a complaint to ensure the player is given fair treatment but as well the casino operator too offering an unbiased decision. We have a partnership with ThePOGG where they will handle any player complaints from our site. So if you have an issue with any casino listed at then you can visit or go to their casino complaints page

Casino Complaints by has been online for about 4 years and has quickly established itself as one of the up and coming websites that goes out of their way to protect players and to audit casino softwares. To date ThePOGG has cleared nearly 400 casino complaints and helped players recover nearly $400,000 which is an impressive feat. 

Submit a Casino Complaint

The process for submitting a casino complaint is simple. You have to join the site first and then you have to email thepogg all of the information and evidence to support your claim. The procedure itself doesn't have a set timeline and is based on certain factors as there is a dialogue that happens with ThePOGG between the player and as well the casino operator. If the operator isn't responsive then the case is usually favoured for the player but often the operators are interested in protecting their reputation and are cooperative. 

Choosing a Quality Online Casino

Most of the time, if players had taken the time to review the casinos first before they joined, they would probably avoid having a problem in the first place as many complaints typically happen with lower quality casinos. These casinos sometimes will offer larger than life casino bonuses with the intention of slow playing players. At the end of the day, it's best to choose a recommended casino and it doesn't hurt to read a few reviews of casinos and check the ratings before you play.

A few sources of recommended casinos

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