10 Best Casinos by American Express payment for deposits & withdrawals πŸ€‘

Find online casinos that accept American Express (Amex)

    For online casino players and people who constantly shop online, having a credit or debit card is extremely important. And when it comes to credit/debit cards, American Express is undoubtedly the brand that is among the most trusted worldwide. The company has been around since the 1850s and was mainly responsible for the development of the Traveler’s Cheque (one of the precursor to today’s credit cards). Since that time, the company has grown to become one of the biggest and most influential in the banking and financial services sector. In relation to this growth, it has also seen an increase in the number of services it offers as well as an improvement in the implementation of these services.

    Ease of Use/Security

    Like Visa and MasterCard, American Express will not issue credit cards directly to individuals. People who are interested in acquiring an Amex credit/debit card will have to inquire from their local banks. If the bank offers an Amex branded card, the individual will then just have to apply for one. Once approved, all that’s left for the individual to do would be to wait for the card to be delivered to the address he/she stated in his/her application. An activated Amex credit/debit card can then be used for transactions in brick and mortar stores/establishments as well as with online merchants and casinos. Perhaps the most important feature of American Express’ platform is SafeKey. This payer authentication service secures a cardholder’s transaction by asking for a validation code or an additional password during checkout.

    Special Features

    Aside from its normal set of credit/debit cards, American Express also has what it calls the Serve Prepaid Card. Almost anybody can apply for this since it doesn’t require credit checks. Additionally, Serve cardholders aren’t required to maintain a minimum balance or pay any hidden fees. It’s ideal for players who are paranoid that their financial information would be compromised if they used their Amex credit/debit cards for depositing funds to their online casino accounts. The player can just top up the card with the amount that he’d like to deposit on his online casino account and then not have to worry about getting overcharged or have his card’s information stolen.

    Availability and Customer Service

    Compared to Visa and MasterCard, there aren’t that many online casinos that accept American Express. This is mainly due to the strict banking regulation in the United States though and there are still online casinos that have somehow addressed this minor issue. Online casino players who want to play online casino crazy time live that don’t support Amex cards can also opt to register to an alternative payment solution or e-wallet instead. Of course, they’ll need to make sure that the payment solution/e-wallet is supported by their online casino as well. Other than this, players shouldn’t have a problem getting an American Express credit/debit card. The company has made these available in more than 90 countries all over the world with support for those countries’ local currencies. Customer support is also available in all supported countries. Players who have issues with their cards can simply dial the assigned hotline number for their country/region and they should get the assistance they’ll need.