10 Best Casinos by Alfa Click payment for deposits & withdrawals πŸ€‘

Find online casinos that accept Alfa Click for deposits and cashouts.

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    Alfa-click Review

    Alfa-click is a payment method owned by the Russian financial giant Alfa Bank. Alfa-click was created in 2006 with the intention of providing an online financial platform to all of the Alfa Bank customers. Once you have an account on Alfa Bank, you are immediately entitled to an Alfa-click account. Alfa-click is not more than the virtual version of Alfa Bank. It allows you to make transfers and send payments from your PC, Mac or mobile devices. Since Alfa-click is a Brand of a widely known financial institution in Russia, it has a great reputation among the Russian population. It is considered to be one of the best payment methods available nowadays.

    All of the services and features available on Alfa-click are regulated by the General License of the Bank of the Russian Federation. All of the transactions made on this financial site are protected by the law in every single way. In addition to that, Alfa-click counts with high-quality security protocols and tools that ensure your safety to the point where you are never a victim of fraud.

    Between many of the features you have access to after opening an Alfa-click account are:

    • Transferring money
    • Paying for services
    • Exchanging currencies
    • Opening a savings account
    • Requesting a credit or debit card without having to visit an Alfa Bank venue.
    • It is all done from the comfort of your house.

    Additionally, Alfa-click counts with a large number of agents through different support platforms. The agents are available 24/7, and they can assist you in anything you might need help with. In case you have trouble understanding how the website works, you can go ahead and get in touch with an agent to clarify your doubts and perform the desired task with ease.

    Another incredible trait about Alfa-click is the fact that all of the transactions made are processed immediately. There is no waiting time. Once you click on confirm transaction, the receiver has the money on his account. It is a perfect characteristic that customers and businesses appreciate for sure since it is common to see how many secure banking platforms last from 3 to 7 days to process transactions.

    Alfa-click also allows you to make transactions via SMS. This is a great addition to the customers that struggle to be connected to an internet connection at all times. It is just a matter of opening the messaging app on your mobile devices and sending the necessary information to make transactions safely and quickly.

    How Alfa-click Works

    In order to have an Alfa-click account, you must create an account on Alfa Bank. Once you have done that, you will receive all of the benefits and features that Alfa-click has available to all the customers. Creating an account on Alfa Bank is not difficult at all despite the fact that it is a widely secure banking platform. You must provide all of your personal information. Do not worry too much about it since this financial company has been in the industry for over 20 years, and it offers the best security tools that a bank can afford up to this day.

    After acquiring your Alfa-click, everything is pretty much very simple to do. You can make transfers, receive payments and more within 5 minutes. Despite being a Russian company, you are able to create an Alfa-click account in different currencies. This is great news for the users that are planning to make transfers with other people that are not located inside the Russian territory.

    How to make deposits on online casinos using Alfa-click

    First off, make sure that the online casino of your preference accepts Alfa-click deposits. Once checked, all you have to do is choose Alfa-click as your depositing method. After choosing it, you will be asked to provide your account information. Do it without worries since your personal and banking information are always secure.

    After you have given all the necessary information, the online casino will take you to the Alfa-click website where you will specify the amount of money you want to deposit on your casino’s account. The deposits are processed instantly and there are no additional fees charged by Alfa-click either.

    It is worth pointing out that Alfa-click is not available for withdrawing on any online casino. It is sad news without doubts for the Alfa Bank customers. It is uncertain if this may change in the future or not. In the meantime, you will be forced to choose a different method when it comes to withdrawing your earnings on online casinos.

    Top 5 casinos that accept Alfa-click as a payment method

    King Billy Casino

    King Billy Casino Landing Page

    King Billy Casino is an awarded online casino that offers the best crazy time live from the most reputable game makers. New crazy time live are added every week and some of the categories available include: slot crazy time live, live casino crazy time live and jackpot crazy time live.

    Avalon78 Casino

    Avalon78 Casino Landing Page

    Apart from the interesting theme it has, Avalon78 Casino offers a wide number of crazy time live and promotions to help you win extra money quickly and easily. The new players are able to seize a welcome package that goes up to $250 plus 150 free spins to enjoy the slot crazy time live available on this online casino.

    1xBet Casino

    1xBet Casino Landing Page

    1xBet Casino is a sportsbook as well. You can place bets on the most thrilling sports competitions around the world and have lots of fun with casino crazy time live as well. There are different bonuses and promotions available for both betting sections, increasing your chances of generating extra income on a regular basis.


    Casino X Landing Page

    Casino-X offers a user-friendly website where all the players are able to access the crazy time live and features within seconds. Additionally, you are able to sign-up on the casino using the most popular social media platforms, allowing you to skip a tedious registration procedure that may take some of your precious time.

    Bob Casino

    Bob Casino Lading Page

    Bob Casino has slot crazy time live, live casino crazy time live, table crazy time live and many others available to the players. Additionally, there are several promotions open and a VIP club where the most dedicated players get rewarded with generous offers.


    What is Alfa-Click

    Alfa Click is a payment method for transferring money. Its main objective is to make banking transactions faster and without commissions.

    What can I pay with Alfa-Click?

    With Alfa-Click you can pay taxes, administrative fines, utility bills, person-to-person transactions and online casino deposits.

    Can I make deposits with Alfa-Click?

    Yes. Depositing with Alfa Click is simple, straightforward and quite fast compared to direct bank transfers

    Do I need to open an account with Alfa-Click to use it?

    Yes. You first need to register an account on alpha-bank and select the option to open an Alfa-Click account.

    Can I use Alfa-Click with multiple currencies?

    Yes. You can open an account in various currencies such as dollaers, euros, swiss francs, rubles, etc.

    Can I use Alfa-Click in the united states?

    Alfa Click is only available in Russia, and cannot be used from other countries, such as the United States.

    Are there any fees with Alfa-Click?

    Alfa Click is a completely free service. You do not have to pay a monthly fee for having an Alfa Click account. Transactions are also commission-free.