The popularity of online casinos is growing and there’s no doubt about it. However, this popularity is used by some people who want to earn money without delivering what they have promised to the players or even by scamming them. To help our readers avoid online casinos that don’t play fair, we have created this list of Not Recommended Casinos.

Our advice is to avoid these casinos at all costs. Remember that the online gambling industry is huge and the majority of casino sites that are operating are good. However, there’s a certain number of them that in our opinion, don’t deserve your attention. We have tested these casinos ourselves and we’ve also received complaints from other players and that’s why we have placed them on the Not Recommended Casinos list. With so many great online casinos out there, it would be unwise to join an online casino that’s trying to scam you or benefit from you in a dishonest way.

How did these casino sites end up on our Not Recommended Casinos list?

To be honest, if we have any other option, we would not list these online casinos here. This is a difficult decision that has an impact on these casinos’ reputation. Yet, as a website that is trying to help casino players, Casino Bonuses Now has included a list like this too. Thanks to our team that includes seasoned players and our insight into the online player community, we are able to determine which casinos should be avoided. Obviously, there are situations when an online casino can make a mistake. But, if there’s a pattern of improper practices, then an online casino will end up on our Not Recommended List. Now let’s check what kind of practices can turn a recommended casino into a not recommended casino at Casino Bonuses Now.

Suspicious T&Cs

As you are probably aware, every casino site has bonus terms and conditions. These T&Cs are very important, but the truth is that the majority of players will not read all of these rules before they start playing. Unfortunately, there are some online casinos that are using this opportunity to include rules that ordinary online gamblers won’t expect to find in an online casino. In order to help players, we are checking these T&Cs and informing players whether something is wrong with them or not.

Sadly, there are a few online casinos that offer bad terms and conditions that won’t be accepted by regular players if they have just read them before joining. These are fraudulent T&Cs that allow casino owners to scam players in any way they want, probably legally. For example, there are online casinos that will seize your funds in case you have not been active on the site for more than six months. They won’t send any notifications to remind you about that because they have already included this information in the T&C. This is definitely a type of online casino that you should stay away from.

Unprofessional customer support

While it’s true that you probably won’t need customer support, it’s also true that when you need support, you should opt for a casino site that has professional customer support. Casino sites with unprofessional customer support are part of our Not Recommended Casinos list. This unprofessionalism can be manifested in different ways. For instance, customer support agents can be a little bit rude and try to avoid answering your questions directly. There are cases when players have to wait for many hours before they reach a customer support agent. If you send an email, you might have to wait for days to get an answer. In many cases, they will try to hold your money as long as they can and won’t reply in a timely manner hoping that you will lose your winnings by playing more.

When an online casino offers unprofessional customer service that’s slow and uses software that makes communication between players and casino representatives difficult, we will recommend avoiding that online casino.

Slow withdrawals

If you take a look at the payment options offered by most online casinos, you will notice that the majority of them have more deposit methods than withdrawal methods in their offers. This makes sense because withdrawing funds requires different mechanisms that placing deposits don’t. However, regardless of the number of withdrawal methods, online casinos should do their best to ensure that the withdrawals are processed fast. Unreliable online casinos are known for slow withdrawals. Many of the casino sites present on our Not Recommended Casinos list are trying to delay payments to players.

Before joining a casino, you should check the payout processing time. Reliable online casinos should provide a timeframe when it comes to withdrawals where different banking methods are used. Waiting for a few business days, especially when you are using debit or credit cards or bank transfer are a withdrawal method is not a long period of time. However, no one should wait for weeks or months to get their funds. One of the most commonly used tricks among dubious online casinos is the use of the process of verification.

Some of the online casinos present on our list ask players to verify their identity once they ask to get paid. To be honest, it’s not unusual to get asked about additional verification when you are withdrawing your earnings for the first time or if you are trying to cash out a large amount of money. But, unreliable casino sites will keep asking you for additional documents in order to verify you. For instance, they will first ask for a scanned ID. After a few days, they will ask you for a scanned copy of a bank statement. Next, they would want to check scanned copies of paid bills and so on. Even if you send all these documents, there’s a chance that they will ask you to repeat the same step again because they couldn’t see the information on the photo clearly or because there’s something unusual about your documents.

While we are talking about withdrawals, we should also mention the limits. Truth be told, almost every online casino out there has a specific withdrawal limit applied to user accounts. This means that you can request no more than a certain amount of money at a time. But, in most cases, you can withdraw money on a daily or weekly basis and in some cases, you can withdraw as much as you want, but after paying a certain fee. However, there are casino websites that will limit the total amount of money you can withdraw per month. For example, they can set a limit of $5000 which is obviously not much if you are a high roller. Online casinos that have ridiculously low withdrawal limits are part of our Not Recommended Casino list.

Dubious affiliate programs

There are many casino players that would like to become affiliates at the casinos where they are playing. In other words, they want to market a specific online casino on their site or on social media and get paid for doing this. These affiliate programs usually promise a percentage of the first deposit or all deposits made of new players attracted by affiliates. Unfortunately, there are online casinos that use suspicious software that doesn’t allow users to track their progress or to get paid for the new users they’ve attracted. Some casino sites have refer a friend programs that work in this way too. Obviously, players have to stay away from these sites and we are helping identify casinos with a dishonest practice like this.

Poor game offer

There are two things that make a casino’s game offer poor. First of all, there are online casinos that have less than 50 casino crazy time live in their offer. In our opinion, online players should have a chance to play dozens of online casinos because most of these sites have offers like that. In addition, we are recommending casino websites that have different kinds of casino crazy time live in their libraries including slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, baccarat and more. Without an offer like that, you won’t have the perfect gaming experience on the Internet.

The other thing that makes some casinos have poor game offer is the quality of their crazy time live. At Casino Bonuses Now, we are recommending online casinos that have crazy time live created by well-known casino software developers. All these developers have licenses issued by established authorities in the world of gambling. This means that players don’t have to worry about the randomness of these crazy time live. These are fair crazy time live that are made by legitimate game suppliers. Of course, many of the online casinos found on our Not Recommended Casinos list are using obscure developers that can’t guarantee fairness.

Bonus terms that are almost impossible to meet

We all know that the bonuses and promotions available at online casinos are some of the most important reasons why so many people prefer online casinos over conventional, land-based casinos. Some online casinos are promising bonuses worth hundreds of dollars to new players. They also have decent bonuses for regular players willing to place new deposits. But, what’s important for every casino player to understand is that these bonuses might be different than they appear.

Namely, there are requirements associated with every bonus offer. In rare cases, there are bonuses offered at casino sites that don’t have any requirements. If that’s the case, the casino site will definitely highlight this fact because as we said, this is not common today. As for the requirements, they include a few different elements. First of all, there’s usually a timeframe in which players have to meet the requirements. Typically, you should do this in a month or less. If you have less than 24 hours to meet these requirements, then something is not right about that offer. Next, there’s a minimum amount of money you should place as a deposit in order to activate the bonus. In case you have to deposit more than one thousand dollars to get the bonus, you should consider avoiding that casino site.

Finally, there are so-called wagering requirements in play. To put it in simple words, they represent the number of times a player has to play through a bonus before they can withdraw the money they’ve earned. As previously mentioned, almost every online casino has wagering requirements for their bonuses. Typically, these wagering requirements are between 10 and 50 times (deposit fund + bonus funds or just bonus funds). If they go more than 60 or 70 times, then you should probably stay away from that casino. The Not Recommended Casinos list includes many online casinos that have wagering requirements or other requirements related to their bonuses that are almost impossible to meet.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are some online casinos out there that are trying to make a profit from players by using dishonest tactics. Some of them are trying to delay payouts while others are introducing poor terms and conditions that players would probably avoid if they read them in the first place. There are also many online casinos that have bad bonus requirements and casino sites that use suspicious software solutions. When an online casino works in this way, it will end up on our list of Not Recommended Casinos.

There are times when we can move these casino sites from our Not Recommended to our Recommended List of casinos. This makes sense because if a casino site has listened to the players’ complaints and made changes in the way they are working; they deserve a second chance. But, if these casino sites get back to their old poor practices, they will be listed as Not Recommended for good.

Every player is free to choose which online casino they want to join. We have decided to create this page to help players avoid bad casino sites that are dealing with many complaints from ordinary users and sites that have not passed our strict criteria.