Poker Books

Poker is probably the most played casino game of all time. What’s interesting is that the interest in this famous casino game is growing in the recent years. People who have never played poker may be a little bit confused because there are many varieties of this game. Each of them has specific rules although they have many things in common.

Popular Poker Books

So, those who are showing interest in poker should use all the resources they have to master this game. One of the things that can help you is reading poker books. Although poker is a game of chance it’s also a game that requires some skills too. Obviously, you can’t develop these skills overnight, but you can accelerate the process by reading the right poker books.

Poker Books Explained

There are all types of books available on the market. Some of them are focused on newcomers in this game and let players learn the basic things like getting familiar with the values of face cards. On the other hand, there are poker books that have very rich and detailed content that explains the nature of complex strategies.

There are many poker players that have moderate skills, but this doesn’t mean that they should quit improving their game. By studying poker books, you can always learn something new. A huge number of poker books provides in-depth knowledge in different strategies. Thanks to these books you will learn the science behind these strategies. But, what’s even more important is that the best books for advanced players will help you understand when to use the right strategy. They will teach you how to identify the best time to use specific strategies. Many poker books act as study guides and tutorials that are not useful only to newcomers, but also to players with different skill levels. You can use them if you are a casual player and a poker player that uses this game to make a living.

Besides the standard paperback and hardcover poker books, there are electronic poker books too. This is quite natural because everything around us is becoming digital. In fact, there are more online poker players than poker players that are visiting brick and mortar casinos and poker rooms. These eBooks are providing animated displays in their content and they are rich in different types of media.

Depending on the theme, we can categorize these books in different groups. For instance, there are many poker books that are describing the world of poker players. For example, Molly’s Game is a famous book that was turned into a movie last year. Furthermore, there are poker books that are designed to help players improve their game. This category has a few subcategories like books for beginners, for intermediate players, for advanced players, for classic players, for online players, for tournament players, for non-tournament players and more. There are also books for mental strength because this specific type of strength plays a very important role in the process.

Before players start searching for a poker book, they have to answer a few questions. Are they interested in becoming professional poker players? What is their goal? Are they interested in learning how to beat their friends? Do they want to play offline or online? The answers to these questions will help them find the right poker book. In any case, poker books can help any player improve their game. But, you should keep in mind that without practice, it’s impossible to become a great poker player. Read poker books and apply the knowledge by playing poker for fun or for money.

As we already said, there are literally dozens of poker books available on the market and that’s why we have decided to create a list of the most relevant poker books. They have many positive reviews and they were written by experienced players.

Doyle Brunson's Super System

Doyle Brunson's Super System poker book

Super/System by Doyle Brunson is known as one of the first books dedicated to poker strategy. After winning the World Series of Poker for a few time, Brunson has decided to write a book that can help fellow poker players. Super/System contains a few long sections that include different strategies for specific types of poker although there are some general tips too. No-limit Texas hold ‘em, Limit Texas’ Hold ‘em, Lowball, Seven-card stud – these are some of the sections readers will find in this poker book.

Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

This is another example of a successful poker book, created by a world-renowned poker player – Gus Hansen. For many experts, Gus Hansen is the best no limit tournament players of all time. The book is inspired by his win at the Aussie Millions tournament back in 2007. It analyzes the moves he made on this tournament that helped him win this prestigious competition. By reading this book, you will find out how successful players think and what’s going on in their heads.

Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein

This is one of the must-have poker books for beginner players, but we are sure that intermediate players can learn a few things from this book too. it was written by Barry Greenstein, a professional poker player that has won a few major tournaments and poker events. According to Barry, he spent a lot of time creating this book. He decided to skip a few major events just to create this book. Remember that this book can be a little bit confusing for complete beginners which mean that you have to be very careful when reading it.

The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky

Here’s a book that reveals how professional players think when they are part of big crazy time live. With its help, players can learn the logic behind the moves made by professional players. Of course, it will also help them learn when to use specific moves in the game. The cover of the book reveals some of the things that poker enthusiast can learn from the book like reading hands, slowplay, free cards, semi-bluffing and bluffing, position and more. You can’t expect to become a professional player or a good amateur player without these things. One of the reasons why this book has become so popular is the author behind it. David Sklansky is a famous expert on gambling. He has won a few major poker events, but he witnessed success in other casino crazy time live including blackjack.

The Poker Mindset by Ian Taylor & Matthew Hilger

The Poker Mindset is one of the rare books of this type focused on mental strength and the way players look at this game. So, you won’t be able to find information about strategies, tactics, and rules, but it’s still a very useful book. This book was written by Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger and cover a wide range of topics like bad beats, bankroll management, how to deal with tilt, positive attitude, reading players and more. Many players were surprised how helpful this book was for them because they were thinking only about strategy and obviously, poker is much more than building a successful strategy and sticking to it.

Poker Books – Are They Really Worth Your Time?

The simple answer to this question is YES. Although it’s true that people can rely only on poker books if they want to become professionals and master this exciting game. As we said before, you’ll have to play the game to gain experience too. Reading ten books won’t mean much if you are not familiar with the actual mechanics of this game. But, with the help of the best poker books, you can get additional knowledge and learn how to play this game.

This is the main reason why even players who are really good at poker are still reading poker books from time to time. It seems that there is always room for improvement of your play. Due to the fact that these books are written by people who are known as professionals in this area, it’s not an exaggeration if we say that you can learn a lot from these books.

The most used poker books will provide access to many different insights about this casino game, case studies related to specific strategies which have proven to be successful, many tips and valuable information that poker players should be aware of. By gaining knowledge and gathering information on how to master this game, you will improve the skills that every poker player needs. Of course, you can achieve this goal, only by using the best poker books out there.

If you use this knowledge when you are playing poker, you will know how to take advantage of situations that you have read about. It’s also possible to learn more about the psychology of other poker players which will help you identify different profiles of players and adjust your strategy to their style. Ultimately, poker books are all about helping players increase profits.

In case you want to become a successful player and an expert in this game, reading poker books is one of the smartest things that you can do.

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